Sunday, March 30, 2014

Back in America

I can not believe that I have now been back home in St. Louis for just over a week already! Time is continuing to fly, but I guess that really is just life. I am adjusting back and enjoying time with family and friends. Thailand can seem so far away already but then I think of this or that (or speak a mixture of Thai/English) then I realize that I will carry a piece of Thailand with me wherever I go just as I carry bits and pieces of St. Louis, Springfield, Baton Rouge, Chaimpaign-Urbana, and Piermont with me no matter where I may wander to.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Swearing Out

I arrived in Bangkok late on Saturday night. I flew from my province to Bangkok with some teachers from school. They came to say good bye and to have a small trip in Bangkok. 

Since then I have been hanging out with friends and taking in my last few days in Thailand. 

 Today we had the first ever joint swearing in and out ceremony. So the new volunteers (Group 126) and my group (124)had ceremonies to start and end their journeys with Peace Corps in Thailand. Tomorrow I will be going to Peace Corps to complete my final check out and then I will officially be finished. I leave on Friday morning here in Bangkok and should arrive by 8pm in St. Louis on Friay the 21. 

 I am so excited to get home but I know I am going to miss it here. 

I am so glad and proud that I stuck out this committment and I am coming home as a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.